Marina Kaminsky


Marina Kaminsky was born in Siberia, where her father Vladimir was stationed as an officer of the Soviet Air Force, and after following the numerous movements in the country, in 1984 Marina Vladimirovna Kaminskaya settled at an aunt in Tallinn, Estonia, to attend there Institute of Art, to graduate and thus formalize a passion cultivated since childhood. Then she continued her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Moscow where also began her personal path of artistic maturation. Since 1994 Marina Kaminsky has lived with her daughter Kristina in Milan, teaching and working in a modern reinterpretation of the ancient "art workshop", the Atelier M.K. in Blue which, for the characteristics of her works, has been defined as a "Scream of Color" in the heart of the city. Her exhibition activities has led her to be present in numerous personal and collective exhibitions, both in Italy and abroad and was selected by a famous art critic Vittorio Sgarbi at the 54th edition of the Venice Biennale (2011) for the exhibition at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Turin. 

Marina Kaminsky is an artist "in constant search" from her expressive painting fact transpire concern and sensitivity for ever new suggestions and continuous development, in that "physiological contradiction" which is one of the most challenging elements of her works. An opening to technical experimentation and investigation intellectual and emotional that moves with ease on the solid foundations of European painting of the late nineteenth century, albeit filtered through tradition Russian coloristic and the lesson of socialist realism, to the current art outcomes informal. The results are bold canvases and lives, inflamed by the bright tones and intense of her red, blue and yellow, seconded by lines and nervous forms of disruptive energy charges.




  • "Russkij Dvor" Contemporary Russian Art Gallery, Via S. Vincenzo, 33. Milan
  • Contemporary Art Gallery and studio "Atelier M.K. in Blu", Milan - Current.



  • 2003 Milan. Cascina del Pom. "Music"
  • 2006 France. Aix-en-Provance. Art Gallery
  • 2009 Milan. Rodolfo Viola Gallery. "The Courtyard n.6"
  • 2010 Milan. Galleria Strasburgo. "Female"
  • 2010 Milan. Posto di Conversazione. "MK"
  • 2011 Milan. DEODATO ARTE Gallery.
  • 2011 Milan. FF Alta Moda. Senate "Fashion as a tool for social analysis"
  • 2012 France. San Paul de Vence. C. Debouk Gallery "The Marine"
  • 2012 Milan. Mediolanum Bank "My Dream"
  • 2012 Tavazzano (LO) Casaidea, former Wayfarer Church.
  • 2013 Porlezza. City Hall. "Le Vele di Marina"
  • 2013 Milan. F.I.B.A. "Art for animals"
  • 2014 Milan. Atelier in Blu. "Jet-Lag"
  • 2014 Milan. Atelier in Blu "Moods"
  • 2014 Milan - Permanent Exhibition Center FF Alta Moda "Fashion"
  • 2014 Milan. University of Milan "Fashion as a social analysis tool"
  • 2015 Milan. Consulate of Chile "EXPO 2015"
  • 2015 Milan. Edisport "Sailing and Motors"
  • 2015 Milan. Edisport "Vintage Motorcycling"
  • 2015 Milan. MOTORRAD. BMW. "Boxer in Blue"
  • 2015 Valsolda. Maymagon. "Boxer in Blue" BMW.
  • 2016 Milan. NCTM. RunForT. 
  • 2016 Milan. ADDA. "Cardiogram of Milan"
  • 2016 Milan. XXI Triennale of Milan. RunForT with NCTM. "RunArT"
  • 2016 Turin. Art Hotel "Love Yourself"
  • 2016 Milan. Atelier in Blu. "Le Vele di Marina"
  • 2017 Milan. Edisport. Motorcycling. "Boxer in Blue"
  • 2018 Milan. Moto-Art. "Boxer in Blue BMW" 2018 Jerusalem.
  • 2018 Milan. ADDA "Two Continents"
  • 2018 Milan. ADDA "Urbi et orbi"
  • 2018 Gerusalem. Harmony Cultural Center. "Imaginary City"
  • 2018 Milan. Art River. Napoleonic foundries. "Metropolis"
  • 2018 Milan. Bikestaff. Moto-Art "Boxer in Blue"
  • 2018 Milan. Bruno Zevi Foundation. "Imaginary City"
  • 2018 Milan. ADDA "Metropolis"
  • 2018 Mantua. M.A.D. "Metropolis" (traveling exhibition).
  • 2019 Milan. Alain Tourbas & C “Horse” Drawing Company.
  • 2019 Brest. Lyric Theater. "Marina Kaminsky Art Work".



  • 2010 Biella - Villa Scheider
  • 2010 Milan - Space of the Sun and Moon with the sponsorship of the Province
  • 2011 Milan. Grand Visconti Palace. MEMORIES OF ARTIST
  • 2011 Milan - The House of World Cultures under the patronage of the Province
  • 2011 Milan - Spazio Guacciardini with the patronage of the Province
  • 2011 Milan - Civic Aquarium under the patronage of the Municipality of MI.
  • 2011 Turin Nervi Palace. Italian Pavilion - 54th ed. the Venice Biennale.
  • 2011 Milan - First prize in the art competition "United artists for animals".
  • 2012 Villavesco Tavazzano (LO) Casaidea, Ex Chiesa del Viandante
  • 2012 Spazio Oberdan under the patronage of the Province "The implications of love"
  • 2012 - Deodato Arte Gallery.
  • 2012 Cologno Monzese (MI) - Ex SS Marco Church and Gregory
  • 2013 Milan - Palazzina Liberti
  • 2013 Milan. QAGI space. "Turning"
  • 2013 Milan. Atahotel Executive.
  • 2013 Tavazzano. Planet Life Economi Foundation. "The time of infinity"
  • 2013 St. Paul De Vence (France) - permanent exhibition C. Debouk Gallery
  • 2013 Lecce. Museum of Contemporary Art
  • 2013 Milan - Tadini Space "Save my Dream" with the sponsorship of Lampedusa
  • 2013 Milan. MaMo gallery. "10x10, travel works"
  • 2014 Milan - Brera Fine Arts Association "Save my dream"
  • 2014 Milan. Atelier in Blu. "Dream and reality"
  • 2014 Palermo. Palazzo Beccadelli. "10x10. Travel works "
  • 2015 Salerno. Diocesan Museum. "10x10 Traveling Art"
  • 2015 Naples. Fiorillo Arte Napoli. "10x10. Traveling Art "
  • 2015 Milan. EXPO 2015. Compalazzo-Carderara. "Art without Borders"
  • 2015 Turin. Sports Museum. Olympic stadium. "Sailing ships in storm"
  • 2015 Turin. Pantheon of the Bella Rosin.
  • 2016 Rio de Janeiro. "Art Olympics." Spoleto Arte
  • 2016 Venice. Spoleto Arte meets Venice.
  • 2016 Milan. Diocesan Museum. "RunArT"
  • 2016 Milan. XXI Triennale of Milan. RunForT with NCTM. "RunArT"
  • 2017 Miami. Miami meets Milan. Spoleto Arte. Art Basel.
  • 2017 Milan. VICTORY Contemporary Art Gallery. "Colors of Passion"
  • 2017 Venice. MetArt. "Picture in picture". 57th VENICE BIENNALE
  • 2017 Milan. Palazzo Marino. F.I.B.A.
  • 2017 Milan. Space 33. "Russian Imagination"
  • 2018 Amalfi. Arsenals of Amalfi. MARE NOSTRUM
  • 2018 Milan. Steam Factory. "Art and Nature"
  • 2018 Mantua. M.A.D. Metropolis
  • 2018 Piacenza. Contemporary Art Fair. "METROPOLITAN VISIONS"
  • 2018 Monza. VedanoGP
  • 2019 Milan. Steam Factory. HOMO ECOLOGICUS
  • 2019 Steam Factory. NoTemeMiArt
  • 2019 Venice. The state of the art at the time of the 58th VENICE BIENNALE
  • 2019 Venice. Palazzo Zenobio. "Art against violence"
  • 2020 Venice. Palazzo Zenobio. FashionableEcoArt SHOW. Let's do it world. VITARU
  • 2020 Milan. Palazzo dei Giureconsulti. VITARU. FashionableEcoArt



  • BIKESTAFF. Moto-Art "The blue boxers"
  • "Milano love". Atelier M.K. in blue
  • "Cardiogram of Milan" ADDA
  • Edisport. Valsolda. BMW "Boxer shorts in blue"
  • Alda Merini museum house
  • Space 33 Russian Revolution
  • “OCEAN” Steam Factory
  • Brest. Belarus "Millennium of the City of Brest".
  • Milan. ADDA INTERNATIONAL "Cryptography"
  • "Cardiogram of Milan"
  • "... The end is the Beginning ..." ADDA
  • Imaginary city ADDA
  • Womenonbike MB Editore. "The blue BMW boxers"
  • FORMULA ONE. Monza Grand Prix
  • Art river. Napoleonic foundries



  • Trilogy "Interviews with art II" by Andrea Giostra.
  • "A fairly old diary: (revised from afar)" by Maria Ornella Arena
  • "14 fantastic tales" of Maria Ornella Arena
  • "Bau Mau ... Stars" Mursia Editore. F.I.B.A.


  • First prize in the art competition "United artists for animals in 2011"
  • Founder of the Contemporary Art Gallery "Atelier M.K. in blue" 2011
  • Technical jury in the numerous art competitions.
  • Founder of the artistic movement "Spirale di luce" 2009
  • Founder ADDA INTERNATIONAL (International Cultural Association for the Defense of Artists' Rights) 2018
  • Collaboration with the TAILOR'S ART REVOLUTION brand (4 seasons clothing collection 2018/2019)
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